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Apple's WatchOS 4.0 Arrives September 19

Apple today said watchOS 4.0 will reach existing Apple Watch wearables on September 19. The platform prioritizes the heart rate monitor. Apple Watch will notify people when it senses a high heart rate when owners are not active. It can also look for atrial fibrillation and provide alerts when necessary. WatchOS 4.0 includes the new Siri watch face that includes the owner's personalized data, such as commute times, calendar appointments, reminders, photo memories, weather updates, and more. The kaleidoscope watch face changes over time, and a wider selection of Disney characters are being added a watch faces. Activity notifications will be more personalized, including goal achievements, and add monthly challenges with new "celebrations" for hitting milestones. The new workout app makes it quicker to start workouts, such as swims, hikes, runs, and more. Apple watchOS 4.0 will be more compatible with gym equipment for counting reps. The music service now supports multiple playlists and a wider selection of album art for workouts when using Apple EarPods. Moreover, music functionality will be much more accessible within workout apps. Other features include a new flashlight, a blinking light for nighttime visibility, and support for other sensors, such as glucose monitors.


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